News Releases

18th August 2016
Tigers Realm Coal Ltd closing in on low cost coking coal production in 2016 [PDF Size 343 kB]

15th December 2014
Exceptional Drilling Results at Amaam North [PDF Size 87 kB]

9th December 2014
Mining License Granted for Amaam North Project F [PDF Size 87 kB]

20th November 2014
BFS Confirms Lowest Coking Coal Operation [PDF Size 85 kB]

16th October 2014
Amaam North Resource Increase [PDF Size 90 kB]

30th September 2014
Amaam North Winter Drilling Program Commences and Port Update [PDF Size 92 kB]

25th August 2014
Early Mine Development Fleet Acquired for Amaam North [PDF Size 87 kB]

30th July 2014
Craig Parry, CEO of Tigers Realm Coal, has been announced as a winner of the Finance Monthly CEO Awards 2014

10th June 2014
Tigers Realm Coal Acquires Beringovsky Port and Coal Terminal [PDF Size 789 kB]

17th April 2014
Russia is no mean place for Western Miners [PDF Size 343 kB]

28th March 2014
No doubt on quality of Tigers Realm [PDF Size 184 kB]

24th March 2014
Russians take a large slice of Tigers Realm Coal [PDF Size 144 kB]

22nd March 2014
Tigers Realm Coal grabs Russian project by the tail with $62.5m raising [PDF Size 39 kB]

11th September 2013
Hegarty ponders local listing [PDF Size 114 kB]

21st August 2013
Tigers Realm holding up after rocky start [PDF Size 133 kB]

19th July 2013
Craig Parry speaks about Tigers Realm Coal’s coking coal projects in Russia

4th July 2013
Major New Resource Delineated at Amaam North [PDF Size 88 kB]

26th April 2013
Significant New Coking Coal Discovery Confirmed at Amaam North [PDF Size 86 kB]

16th July 2013
Pre-Feasibility Study Confirms Amaam’s Low Cost, Large Scale Potential [PDF Size 92 kB]

27th March 2013
Mining Licence Milestone Achieved at Amaam Coking Coal Project [PDF Size 83 kB]

7th March 2013
Milestones Reached at Tigers Realm Coal’s Amaam Project [PDF Size 96 kB]

21st February 2013
Tigers Realm Coal Raising Exceeds Expectations [PDF Size 85 kB]

4th February 2013
Immediate Success for Tigers Realm Coal at Amaam North [PDF Size 91 kB]

31st January 2013
Tigers Realm Coal Builds on Amaam Resource Upgrade [PDF Size 92 kB]