Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is at the forefront of all Tigers Realm Coal’s activities. High governance standards in the company’s operations, as well as responsible decision making help optimise stakeholder confidence. As the company’s activities progress in size, nature and scope, the size of the board and the implementation of any additional formal corporate governance committees will be given further consideration.


The Board and management have established a range of policies, practices and arrangements that reflect the recommendations. Those policies, practices and arrangements are reviewed regularly. Some of those arrangements are set out below:


Code of Conduct
[PDF Size 426kB]


Risk Management Policy
[PDF Size 68kB]


Securities Trading Policy
[PDF Size 348kB]


Diversity Policy
[PDF Size 295kB]


Nomination and Remuneration Charter
[PDF Size 324kB]


Sustainable Development Policy
[PDF Size 303kB]

Board Charter
[PDF Size 307kB]


Delegation Policy
[PDF Size 393kB]


Audit Risk and Compliance Committee Charter
[PDF Size 319kB]


Continuous Disclosure Policy
[PDF Size 401kB]


Communications Policy
[PDF Size 373kB]


Whistleblowers Policy
[PDF Size 164kB]